Antonio García

From the artist:


My name is Antonio Garcia and I am the creator of the pictures you can find hanging on these walls.

I was born far from here, in Madrid (Spain), and it was there that I started to take pictures.

My dad loves photography. I grew up watching him take pictures and enjoyed looking through his photography books.

It was when I turned 15 years old that I became captivated by the pictures in the books – landscape, urban photography, cars (of course).

I started shooting with my grandfather´s camera, a Zenith B from 1957, a heavy and reliable camera that helped me get in shape and start loving photography.

Photography is not a cheap hobby, especially for a teenager growing up in a place where mowing the lawn to get some money was not an option and Patreon or crowdfunding was decades away from being created. So, it wasn´t until I got a digital camera that I started to shoot more actively.

There was a turning point in my life that made me rediscover photography, and that was moving to London (UK). Walking around the city with my camera gave me the chance to learn the city and learn about the new culture that was embracing me.

Some years later that happened again when I moved to Portland (OR) and later Bainbridge Island (WA). A new world full of new life experiences and learning opportunities opened in front of me again.

Due to my background in art direction and design, I believe anything can trigger an idea or concept, which is why my pictures jump from landscape, to street photography, to lifestyle.

Thank you for taking a look at my work!”

All featured artworks from this exhibition are available for viewing and sale on the walls of Pegasus Coffee House from July 1 to September 30, 2020, and also for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all non-local purchase inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Learn more about the art of Antonio Garcia at: @antonio_g_m on Instagram or


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