Pegasus Artist of the Month Program


Since the earliest days of the Pegasus Coffee House, our building has been an ongoing arts showcase, and our staff active supporters and cheerleaders of local artists and their work.

We have displayed a wide variety of talents from Bainbridge Island and beyond over the past 40 years, and that Pegasus tradition is still very much alive and well: Our walls feature local works, our front windows become a stage for local artists, our tables host artistic gatherings, and our noticeboards (both online and off) foster creative connections of all kinds.

Heck, even our bathroom walls feature renderings of our building created by local artists over the past 4 decades…

Expanding on that rich tradition, the new Pegasus Artist of the Month program ups the ante for promotion and support of the creative works on the walls of our Coffee House with regular artist receptions (presented as part of the monthly First Friday Bainbridge Island Art Walk), casual artist salons, and an online page here at dedicated to each featured artist’s story and works.

Click to sample their artistry, hear their stories, and enjoy our showcase of Pacific Northwest art for an audience of visitors from all around the world. 

Anthea Groves - Pegasus Artist of the Month - March 2019

Deborah Rhee - Pegasus Artist of the Month - April 2019

Jack Moore - Pegasus Artist of the Month - May 2019

Barbara Ferrier - Pegasus Artist of the Month - June 2019

Tracy Lang - Pegasus Artist of the Month - July 2019

Diane Walker - Pegasus Artist of the Month - August 2019

Kristine Behrns Carroll - Pegasus Artist of the Month - September 2019

Pam Sproul - Pegasus Artist of the Month

Travis Brassfield - Pegasus Artist of the Month - November 2019




All featured works from the current exhibition are available for sale both in the coffee house and also potentially for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all art sale inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Think you should be the next Pegasus Artist of the Month? Tell us why...