Barbara Ferrier - Pegasus Artist of the Month

Barbara Ferrier

A life-changing accident inspired Barbara Ferrier to learn to paint with the intention of creating a painted fictional world that includes fun stories. Barbara’s goal is to create bright, happy, uplifting and relatable work. The paintings you see here include locations and important characters for this world. This is an ongoing process that you are invited to join as the stories and paintings continue to emerge, fleshing out the entire Epic Fiction journey.

All featured artworks from this exhibition are available for viewing and sale on the walls of Pegasus Coffee House from June 1 to 30), and also for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all non-local purchase inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Learn more about the art of Barbara Ferrier at:


Featured Artworks:

Barbara Ferrier - Stepping Out

“Stepping Out”
(24×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Barbara Ferrier - Walenda

(24×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Barbara Ferrier - Beacon's Village

“Beacon’s Village”
(40×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Barbara Ferrier - Outer Plateau Lands

“Outer Plateau Lands”
(24×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Barbara Ferrier - Serene Passage

“Serene Passage”
(20×16, Acrylic on Canvas)

Barbara Ferrier - Journey To Thrive Book

“Journey To Thrive”
(Book – Life stories and philosophy behind Barbara Ferrier’s work)

Barbara Ferrier - Kalendra Stories Book - Preview Edition

“Kalendra Stories – Preview Edition”
(Book – Introduction of the Epic Fiction project)


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