Diane Walker - Pegasus Artist of the Month - August 2019

Diane Walker

Diane Walker is a Bainbridge Island writer and artist whose colorful abstract paintings are informed by her 25 years living on islands in the Pacific Northwest.  Working primarily in acrylics, she creates mystical pieces that explore the interactions between natural forms — particularly the quiet undulations of sea and sky – and dance in that thin space between the formless and form, drifting from individual to universal and back again and inviting the viewer into an open, imaginative, and peaceful space.

Currently featured at the Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend, her work can also be seen at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, the Madison Avenue Fire Station, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and New Motion Physical Therapy. Her paintings have also appeared in the EAFA Galleries in Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Seattle; at the Bainbridge Public Library; at Bainbridge Performing Arts; and in juried Art Festivals in Edmonds, Port Townsend, Anacortes, Kingston, Mercer Island, Montlake and Shoreline.

All featured artworks from this exhibition are available for viewing and sale on the walls of Pegasus Coffee House from August 1 to 31, and also for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all non-local purchase inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Learn more about the art of Diane Walker at:


Featured Artworks:

Diane Walker - Splash On The Rocks

“Splash on the Rocks”
(24×36, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - On Blackwater Pond

“On Blackwater Pond”
(24×24, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Gooseneck Pond

“Gooseneck Pond”
(24×24, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Rising Tide

“Rising Tide”
(24×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Making A Splash

“Making a Splash”
(16×20, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Crest of the Wave

“Crest of the Wave”
(16×20, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Evening Shores

“Evening Shores”
(36×48, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Undersea Adventures

“Undersea Adventures (1-4)”
(4x 12×12, Acrylic on Canvas)
$125.00 ea ($400.00 for set of 4)

Diane Walker - Year of the Dragon

“Year of the Dragon”
(8×30, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Dreaming In Color

“Dreaming in Color”
(16×40, Acrylic on Canvas)

Diane Walker - Cloud Dreaming

“Cloud Dreaming”
(16×40, Acrylic on Canvas)


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