Jack Moore - Pegasus Artist of the Month - May 2019

Jack Moore

I began working with metal as a method of coping with the rigid realities of post-addiction life. I was given the opportunity to do so by a dear friend and mentor and found second chances to reshape myself alongside the iron on the anvil. Hailing from the Northern California motorcycle industry, my newfound passion for welding and fabrication charged a spark to the fuel that is my love of classic bikes & cars. The method I keep true to all of my work is to derive function from aesthetic and apply craftsmanship to performance.

Welding is my cathartic mark on the world, keeping me grounded and in control in my darkest hours. I believe metal is creativity and innovation’s greatest playground in countless ways. It can take on any form with virtually no limitations. It can be beaten, cut and corroded, yet may be mended whole as if it were never scarred.

Metal is the perfect metaphor for the human condition: From the flames in the forge, rise again.”

All featured artworks from this exhibition are available for viewing and sale on the walls of Pegasus Coffee House from May 1-31 (though the full custom bike will only be here for the First Friday and Meet the Artist events), and also for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all non-local purchase inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Learn more about the art of Jack Moore at:


Featured Artworks:

Jack Moore - Full Metal Ratchet

“Full Metal Ratchet”
(Mixed Metal – 12″ tall)

Jack Moore - Testtube Baby

“Testtube Baby”
(Mixed Metal, 15″ tall)

Jack Moore - Rolling Thunder

“Hell On Wheels”
(mixed metal – 10″ tall)

Jack Moore - Bedlam Boy

“Bedlam Boy”
(mixed metal)

Jack Moore - Siren

(mixed metal, 24″ tall)

Jack Moore - Yankee Clipper Ship Davey Crockett

“Yankee Clipper Ship Davey Crockett”
(mixed metal, 18″ tall)

Jack Moore - Trusty Rusty

“Trusty Rusty”
(mixed metal, 34″ long)

Jack Moore - Widowmaker

(custom bike)


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