Kate Goodman

Kate Goodman is a collage and encaustic artist living on Bainbridge Island in Washington. Her original pieces are paper collage that are covered with clear encaustic medium (a mixture of beeswax and resin). This process makes them archival and color safe and creates the intense colors and sections of hazy dreaminess you will see in her work. Kate uses mostly pieces of magazine pages for the paper she uses to create these charming landscapes.

Encaustic is a versatile medium and Kate also uses the pigmented wax to create intensely colored landscapes. These are created by painting the colored wax onto a rigid surface from a hot palette and then fusing to the surface by reheating. With this method, Kate creates pieces that are full of texture and layers of color.

All featured artworks from this exhibition are available for viewing and sale on the walls of Pegasus Coffee House from March 1 to April 30, and also for online sale (with the addition of a packaging and shipping charge unique to each work) – please make all non-local purchase inquiries via the Contact Pegasus Page here at

Featured Artworks:

Kate Goodman - Early Riser

“Early Riser”

Kate Goodman - Ferries Pass

“Ferries Pass”

Kate Goodman-Little Pink Houses

“Little Pink Houses”

Kate Goodman-Long Day

“Long Day”

Kate Goodman-Set Sail

“Set Sail”

Kate Goodman-Sunshine on a Gray Day

“Sunshine on a Gray Day”

Kate Goodman-Weekend Get-Away

“Weekend Get-Away”

Kate Goodman - Dahlias


Kate Goodman-Mountain-View-with-Wildflowers

“Mountain View with Wildflowers”

Kate Goodman - Walla-Walla


Kate Goodman-Walla-Walla-Wheat-Fields

“Walla Walla Wheat Fields”


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