Artist of the Month Pitch

Why I Should Be The Pegasus Artist of the Month… Pegasus has always been a champion of local art and artists, both established and brand new – so if you are an artist (of any kind) from the Island or … Read More

Pegasus Artist of the Month Program
Artist Of The Month

PEGASUS ARTIST OF THE MONTH EXHIBITIONS Since the earliest days of the Pegasus Coffee House, our building has been an ongoing arts showcase, and our staff active supporters and cheerleaders of local artists and their work. We have displayed a … Read More

Pegasus Coffee House Gift Card
Pegasus Coffee House Gift Card (Coming Soon)

Soon, oh-so-very soon, you will be able to gift a little love to friends, family, lucky random strangers and more – simply load up a Pegasus credit applicable to in-store purchases of good food, tasty beverages and more, or for online … Read More