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  • Pegasus Coffee House t-shirt - black

    Pegasus Tee (brews)

    Grab this tee and take a piece of Bainbridge and a smile home with you today‚Ķ This is a soft and lightweight unisex t-shirt, with just a hint of stretch to create a fit that is comfortable and flattering for … Read More

  • brews booze banter food t-shirt - Black

    Pegasus Tee (b&b&b&f)

    Four decades of Pegasus history, condensed into a single (run-on) sentence…

    This unisex tee is soft and lightweight, with just a hint of stretch to make it comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

  • get roasted and toasted at pegasus coffee house - Black T-Shirt

    Pegasus Tee (roasted)

    A celebration of beans and barley, as paired with cream and hops, right on your chest to share with the world This is a soft, lightweight unisex shirt with just a hint of stretch, making for a comfortable and flattering … Read More

  • Pegasus T-Shirt - growing on you since 1979 - White

    Pegasus Tee (the ivy)

    Decades of growth by the Virginia Creeper which adorns the Pegasus Coffee House makes for both a local landmark and an everlasting indicator of the seasons. No matter what season Seattle thinks it is today, this unisex t-shirt feels soft … Read More