Pegasus Good Food & Tasty Beverage Menu

  • Hand-made Pastries

  • Mini Almond Bundt Cakes (Gluten Free)

    • $4.95

    Classic frange (Almond flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and GF Flour) – sometimes with orange zest and cayenne, sometimes topped with fresh whip and berries.

  • Brownies

    • $4.25

    Deep rich chocolate with a dark fudgy center.

  • Cinnamon Roll

    • $5.45

    Made fresh daily with tons of cinnamon and lemon glaze.

  • Cookies

    • Oatmeal Raisin $3.25
    • Lemon Blueberry $3.25
    • Peanut Butter $3.25
    • Sugar $3.25
    • Black & White Choc Chip $3.25
    • Chocolate Love $3.25
    • Lemon Cream Cheese $3.45
    • Grandma's $3.45
    • Ginger Molasses $3.45
    • Trail Mix $3.45
    • Cowboy $3.45
    • Powell & Jones Chocolate $3.45

    Hand-mixed and baked out back, with a rotating selection hot and fresh every day.

  • Frangipane Tarts (Gluten-Free)

    • $5.45

    Our 'Frange' (rhymes with 'awnge') comes with berries or candied fruits.

  • Kouing Aman

    • $3.45

    Pegasus version of the classic-croissant dough with salty-sweet glass glaze.

  • Scones

    • $3.95

    Hand-made varieties daily with blueberries, ginger cranberry, or other fun stuff.

  • Coffee (always double shots)

  • Drip

    • 8oz $2.45
    • 12oz $2.95
    • 16oz $3.45

    Rotates through the full variety of Pegasus hand-roasted coffees (which are listed here from lightest to darkest roast)…

    Follow the Pegasus Instagram account to see which 2 selections are fresh-brewed today… 


    Ethiopian (Dry)

    Light roast, medium body, fruit-forward with orange blossom, blueberry with chocolate undertones



    Light roast, light body, apple brightness with nutty and bittersweet cocoa undertones


    Ethiopian (Washed)

    Medium roast, light-to-medium body, elegant jasmine floral with lemon juiciness and black tea notes



    Mocca Java 2.0

    Classical blend of light and medium roasted African and Indonesia beans, medium body, new recipe with blueberry and herbacious notes



    Light-to-medium roast, lighter-bodied Ethiopian coffee with floral tones (compare to Darjeeling tea) (regular)



    Medium roast, medium body, big and bold with grape and pomegranate flavors and citrus-based brightness, this is COFFEE in capital letters



    Medium roast, light-to-medium body, buttery with chocolate and toasted nut notes and a smoky finish



    Medium roast, medium body, semi-washed Indonesian coffee with low acidity and fruit, floral and spice notes



    Medium roast, medium-to-heavy body, well-rounded Indonesian coffee with low acidity and complex flavor profile



    Medium roast, light-to-medium body, with dried dark cherry, semi-sweet chocolate and walnut notes



    Medium roast, medium body, balanced dark chocolate, caramelized sugar notes with spicy aromatics



    Dark roast, light-to-medium body, with fruit, marizan and caramelized sugar tones



    Our darkest roast, light-to-medium body, smoky with dark chocolate, toasted nut and spice undertone





    Medium-dark roast, medium body, with balanced brightness, chocolate, fruit and nut notes, buttery mouthfeel and spicy aroma



    Medium roast, medium body, premium blend with pronounced chocolate and toasted nut flavor with subtle fruit and spice: All the flavor, none of the caffeine

  • Americano

    • Any size $2.95

    Available hot or iced – Pegasus expresso beans and water

  • Brevé

    • 8oz $3.75
    • 12oz $4.25
    • 16oz $4.75

    Available hot or iced – made with Pegasus espresso and half & half

  • Cappuccino

    • 8oz $3.45
    • 12oz $3.95
    • 16oz $4.45

    Pegasus Expresso & hot foam (available wet or dry)

  • Cafe au Lait

    • 8oz $3.25
    • 12oz $3.75
    • 16oz $4.25

    Pegasus drip coffee with steamed milk

  • Cold Brew

    • 12oz $3.25
    • 16oz $3.75

    Concentrated house brew, steeped overnight in fridge, served with ice

  • Cortado

    • 4oz $3.45

    Espresso and steamed milk

  • Doppio

    • 8oz $2.75
    • With soda back $3.45

    Double-shot of Pegasus Espresso, straight.

  • Fat Coconut Latte

    • 8oz $3.75
    • 12oz $4.25
    • 16oz $4.75

    Pegasus Espresso with steamed coconut milk and a dollop of coconut oil

  • Latte

    • 8oz $3.45
    • 12oz $3.95
    • 16oz $4.45

    Available hot or iced – Pegasus Espresso with steamed or cold milk.

  • Macchiato

    • 2oz $3.45

    Pegasus Espresso with foam

  • Mocha

    • 8oz $3.75
    • 12oz $4.25
    • 160z $4.75

    Available Hot or Iced – House-made chocolate sauce, Pegasus Espresso and steamed or cold milk.

  • Powell & Jones Crafted Mocha

    • 16oz $5.95

    Available Hot or Iced – Hand-shaven dark chocolate from local Bainbridge chocolatier with espresso and steamed or cold milk.

  • Extras

    • Extra Single Shot $0.75
    • Extra Double Shot $1.45
    • Syrup Shot $0.75
    • Whipped Cream $0.75
  • Alternative Milks

    • Almond $0.75
    • Soy $0.75
    • Hemp $0.75
    • Coconut $0.75
    • Oat $0.75
  • Tea

  • PG Tips (Black)

    • $2.45

    The UK's 'favorite cuppa' since the 1930's – this black tea blend is harvested from the top tips of plants grown in Ceylon and Kenya and served in distinctive pyramid bags

  • Loose Leaf Tea (Republic of Tea)

    • All sizes $3.25


    Assam Breakfast Organic (Black)

    Estate-direct golden-tipped assam leaves


    Blackberry Sage (Black)

    Black tea leaves, blended with berries and herbs


    British Breakfast (Black – Regular or Decaf)

    Finest quality black tea leaf blend


    Cardamon Cinnamon (Decaf)

    Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and other caffeine-free herbs and spices


    Cedarberg Organic (Rooibos)

    Cretified organic, naturally caffeine-free rooibos tea from the mountains of South Africa


    Chamomile Lemon (Decaf)

    Lemon balm, linden flowers, orange blossoms and other caffeine-free herbs


    Coconut Pu-erh (Black)

    Pu-erh black tea leaves, blended with pieces of coconut


    Cranberry-Blood Orange (Black)

    Fair Trade-certified black tea leaves with cranberries, orange peel and natural blood orange flavor


    Earl Grey (Black)

    Black tea leaves and natural oil of bergamot


    Ginger Peach (Green or Black)

    Black tea blended with spices and natural ginger and peach flavors


    Ginseng Peppermint (Decaf)

    Cinnamon echinacea, ginseng, peppermint, licorice, and other caffeine-free herbs


    Good Hope Vanilla (Decaf)

    Naturally caffeine-free African Rooibos tea, blended with vanilla beans


    Jasmine Jazz (Green)

    Yin Hao green tea leaves with jasmine blossoms


    Mango Ceylon (Black – Regular or Decaf)

    Full-leaf black tea leaves blended with mango and blossoms


    Mint Fields Organic (Decaf)

    Certified-organic, caffeine-free blend of mint and lemon balm


    Orange Ginger Mint (Decaf)

    Ginger, orange bergamot mint, anise, and other caffeine-free herbs


    Passion Fruit Papaya (Black)

    Black tea leaves, blended with papaya, pineapple and blossoms


    People's Green Tea (Green)

    Unblended green tea leaves from China's Fujian Province


    Spring Cherry (Green)

    Japanese sencha green tea leaves, scented with cherry essence and blossoms


    Vanilla-Apple-Hibiscus (Decaf)

    Caffeine-free Nigerian hibiscus blossoms, with pieces of apple and natural vanilla


    Wuyi Oolong (Black)

    Rare Formosan silver-tipped oolong leaves from China's Wuyi Mountains

  • Chai Latte

    • 8oz $2.95
    • 12oz $3.45
    • 16oz $3.95

    Available Sweet or Spicy, Hot or Iced – Half Chai Tea, Half Milk (steamed or cold), Topped with Cinnamon

  • London Fog Latte

    • 8oz $3.25
    • 12oz $3.75
    • 16oz $4.25

    Earl Grey loose-leafed tea, vanilla syrup and steamed milk.

  • Matcha Latte

    • 8oz $3.75
    • 12oz $4.25
    • 16oz $4.75

    Organic matcha green tea with steamed milk.

  • More Tasty Beverages

  • Milk Steamers

    • 8oz $2.75
    • 12oz $2.95
    • 16oz $3.15

    Steamed milk

  • Hot Chocolate

    • 8oz $3.25
    • 12oz $3.75
    • 16oz $4.25

    House-made chocolate sauce with steamed milk.

  • Powell & Jones Crafted Hot Chocolate

    • 16oz $5.95

    Available Hot or Iced – Hand-shaven dark chocolate from local Bainbridge chocolatier, with steamed or cold milk

  • Soda

    • Bottle of Mexican Coke $3.75
    • San Pellegrino in Can $3.75
  • Beer

  • Bonnie Prince Scotch Ale – Bainbridge Brewing (Bainbridge Island, WA)

    • 16oz Draft $6.50

    Rich and malty, with just a hint of Highland peat smoke (6.7% ABV).

  • Eagle Harbor IPA – Bainbridge Brewing (Bainbridge Island, WA)

    • 16oz Draft $5.50

    Dry-hopped, utilizing many pounds of whole-leaf Cascade hops and with enough malty character to keep you coming back for more (6.0% ABV).

  • Raconteur Rye Pale Ale – Counterbalance Brewing (Seattle, WA)

    • 12oz Can $6.00

    Rich amber-colored pale ale with spicy rye, juicy Northwest hops, and a touch of wheat (5.8% ABV).

  • Cider

  • Brightcider – 2 Towns Ciderhouse (Corvallis, OR)

    • 12oz Can $6.00

    Radiant and balanced Newtown Pippin apple cider, the pioneer apple variety that defined the cider palate of the Pacific Northwest. (6.0 ABV – Gluten Free)

  • Sparkling

    Listed from light to full-bodied.

  • Pegasus Peach Bellini

    • Glass $8.00

    Bone-dry Spanish sparkling Cava, topped with peach nectar, and orange juice.

  • Vega Medien – Cava (Valencia, Spain)

    • Glass $6.00
    • Bottle $23.00

    Light-to-medium body, crisp, dry, and citrussy.

  • Maison De Ligny – Brut Rosé (Vin de pays, France)

    • Glass $6.00
    • Bottle $23.00

    Medium-bodied, bone dry with crisp strawberry, and a touch of creaminess in the finish.

  • White Wine

    Listed from light to full-bodied.

  • Pinot Grigio – Orizzonti (Venito, Italy)

    • Glass $5.00
    • Bottle $18.00

    Light-bodied and refreshing, with a burst of lemon-lime and white peach. 

  • Sauvignon Blanc – Marisco Fernlands (Marlborough, New Zealand)

    • Glass $8.00
    • Bottle $30.00

    Light-to-medium body, hints of red grapefruit, and rocky flint flavors. 

  • Chardonnay – Girasole (Mendocino County, CA)

    • Glass $13.00
    • Bottle $50.00

    Medium-bodied, with rich lemon, peach, apple, pear and nectarine tones.

  • Albariño – Maccerato (Rias Baixas)

    • Glass $9.00
    • Bottle $34.00

    Medium-bodied and silky texture, with a generous splash of crisp apple and ripe citrus.

  • Riesling – Sun Garden (Nahe, Germany)

    • Glass $8.00
    • Bottle $30.00

    Medium-bodied with a perfect balance of fruitiness and crispness – honeydew melon, peach, and honeysuckle notes.

  • Rosé

  • Rosé – Two Mountain (Yakima Valley, WA)

    Aromas of strawberry and raspberry, floral hints mixed with rhubarb and cranberry, and a firm acid finish

  • Red Wine

    Listed from light to full-bodied.

  • Pinot Noir – Montinore (Williamette, OR)

    • Glass $14.00
    • Bottle $54.00

    Light-bodied Demeter Certified Biodynamic/Stellar Certified Organic – a bracing structure of cranberry, and ripe cherry mocha.

  • Malbec – Las Nencias Reserve (Mendoza, Argentina)

    • Glass $9.00
    • Bottle $34.00

    Surprisingly light-bodied due to high altitude production. Dark berry, cola, dark chocolate, laced with violets and spices. 

  • Tempranillo – Vina Herminia (Rioja, Spain)

    • Glass $8.00
    • Bottle $30.00

    Aged 4 months in oak – light-to-medium body, with velvet cherry, vanilla, and the gentle grip of tannins.

  • Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – Tol Del Colle (Terre di Chieti, Italy)

    • Glass $14.00
    • Bottle $54.00

    Medium-bodied with immediate cherry flavor seguing into blackberry and licorice notes

  • Merlot – Eagle Harbor Founder’s (Dwelley Vineyard – Walla Walla, WA)

    • Glass $18
    • Bottle $70

    Produced and bottled by Bainbridge Island's own local winery – 100% merlot, medium-to-full bodied with double blueberry notes, and a hint of blackcurrant.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Raconteur (Columbia Valley, WA)

    • Glass $10.00
    • Bottle $38.00

    Full-bodied, violet, blackberry, and mocha aromas with blackcurrant and crisp sour cherry notes